I'm so far behind!

I'm so far behind! I'm really really trying to catch up! Really I am...

Monday, September 16, 2013

My 36th Birthday

 Lunch with friends! They treat me well!
 Dinner and pumpkin cake loaf with my darling family. Thanks guys! I love you so much!
 I got some great and thoughtful gifts! A cute homemade card on a paper plate and slippers from Avery!
 And a exercise ball form Velzy. I had wanted one for years and years!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Random Stuff from our time at the Condo in Heber August and September

 Halle being cute!
 Flag in Heber for 9-11
 Costco shopping I almost had to buy Mickey. Look at that face!
 Avery and Velzy took Baton Twirling. Halle tried for one day...
 Colin washed his Binky in the potty.
 He was so so proud!
 Halle drew a Camel. I was so proud.
 Bike riding in the rain!
 Beidng a boy! Hitting the tree. Trying to knock off all the fruit for the deer.
 The weather is cooling down. Time for cocoa!
 Velzy practicing her twirling.
 Picking out a new fridge.
 Snuggling up for some Micky Mouse Club House!
 Velzy being the creative girl we all know and love...
 Built a...
 The kids all played in it for days!!
 It was awesome! I was so impressed!
 Colin running from me in Walmart!
 Colin doing what he does best!
A pic to remember our time at the condo.
 More teepee time with friends.
 Colin watching his sisters twirl their batons with ribbons on them.
 A picture for Papa!

A little arts and crafts...
And a cute boy doing what boys do. Laying around chewing on things.

Our First Snow!
 By: Velzy
By: Halle

Monday, August 5, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Velzy and Avery started school a couple days before Halle.
They are still at Schools in Wasatch County. Velzy is at Timpanogus Intermediate. Avery is a Midway Elementary.

 What we do while the big girls are at school...
 Here comes Velzy and Avery off the bus from their first days at school.
Halle started school about a week after the big girls. She also got to go to school at Midway Elementary. She rode the bus with Avery and her best friend Taylor.
 They sure loved the 11 mile bus ride. Kassie and I  followed the bus the first day to see them arrive at school.
 We had breakfast at school. Yummy!
 Avery and Luke!
 Saying good bye! See you after school!